TAL changes its 20kg bag labels

By Tal | 2015-02-25

In September last year, we announced a change in in our 5KG grout bags. This was an exciting new venture as the new bags offered easy grout-colour matching and a more durable packaging. Now we eagerly announce that this new packaging, our new labels, will extend to the 20KG grout bags.

With these new bags, we aim to simplify the selection process for the end-user and tiling contractor. With the clear step-by-step instructions which appear on the new packaging, consumers are likely to purchase the right products and follow the correct application procedure, ensuring a respectively quick and efficient tile installation. The new packaging complies with the Consumer Protection Act.

Products in the 20kg pack size featuring the new labels include the rapid-set adhesive range, such as TAL Goldstar 6; the quick-set adhesives range, such as TAL Porcelainfix as well as the standard-set adhesive range such as TAL Professional. TAL Wall & Floor Grout and TAL Super White Wall Grout.

Another piece of exciting news is that of TAL’s recently modernised laboratory with additional state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for
an increase in product research and testing for the South African market. The new equipment is housed in a custom-built facility located at our head office in Olifantsfontein, Pretoria.

We manufacture products locally at three plants and our laboratories develop products which are specifically compatible with South African climatic conditions. This compatibility is guaranteed by testing each product batch manufactured individually and conducting regular in-process quality checks on products. This is how we are certain to supply a consistent quality of products.  We ensure that our procedures are in line with our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification. The TAL technical laboratory features four separate testing facilities which work together in measuring products in terms of both the international standards as well as our local climate conditions. This new equipment enhances our research capabilities and the efficiency in TAL product testing.

Although our packaging may slowly be changing, customers can still expect the same reliable, top quality and locally manufactured products that they’ve come to trust from TAL. 



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