Top 6 considerations before hiring a tiling contractor

By Tal | 2019-01-15

Tal tiling contractor

The cost of correcting a poor tiling installation is considerable, so before hiring a tiling contractor, it’s advisable to do some homework to make sure you have the right partner.

If you have never installed tiles before or have an especially large project to undertake, it’s a good idea to hire a tiling professional. A good rule of thumb is to select a tiling contractor with at least three years’ experience, and a proven track record in both floor and wall tile installations.

Choosing a tiling contractor needn’t be a minefield if you do some research upfront. The following items need to be considered:

Choose your tile before looking for a tiling contractor: The type of tile and layout can affect the labour rate. Large-format tiles, or a project involving different-sized tiles in a pattern, will be more difficult to install and therefore more expensive.

Finding a reputable tiling contractor: Word of mouth is often best. If you know of someone who recently tiled their home and was happy with their tiling contractor, ask for their contact details. You can also ask at your local tiling outlet for a a list of tiling contractors who buy regularly from them and therefore are likely to have considerable experience.

Choosing the right tiling contractor for you: Once you have some names of experienced tiling contractors, you need to see if they are suited to your project. Find out how long they have been in business, the number of projects they have undertaken, the average time it takes to complete a project and, perhaps most importantly, their availability. Ask the tiling contractor to show you pictures of previous installations and references. If they are confident in their work, this will not be a problem.

Request a quote in writing: Now that you have found the right tiling contractor, it is important to get a signed and detailed quote that explains the exact services being supplied before you begin the project. Consider:

  • Who is removing the old tiles or flooring and disposing of them
  • Is the repair and levelling of the floor with a suitable underlayment or levelling compound included
  • Is priming the surface before tiling included
  • who will supply the tiles, primers, adhesives, additives, grout and sealants – you or them?
  • If you’re tiling in a bathroom, waterproofing is required so confirm whether this is included

Other questions to ask are the when the tiling contractor will start and finish the project, how much will you be requested to pay upfront and what guarantee you will have on the work.

Check that the correct installation system has been quoted on:  For peace of mind check that the tiler you have selected is using the correct adhesive and grout system, speak to a trained salesperson at the tile merchant used by that specific tiler.

When in doubt, use the adhesive and grout selection guides on our website, call our Technical Advice Line or send us an email.



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