A tough, flexible and seamless rapid-drying two-part liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. It is suitable for waterproofing shower recesses, internal wet areas, external decks, planter boxes, roof slabs, swimming pools and water features when covered with tiles or decorative coatings/toppings. Applied by block brush or short hair enamel paint roller, TAL SUREPROOF possesses excellent flexibility and UV resistance which allows it to be left exposed on non-trafficable roof slabs and parapets walls. TAL SUREPROOF MEMBRANE must be used as reinforcing in all internal corners and interfaces, coving areas, around drains, etc. Tiles may be applied directly onto the cured SUREPROOF using an appropriate TAL adhesive system.

Approximate Coverage: 10 - 12m² / 20kg kit
Pack size: 20kg kit

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