How to tile over existing tiles successfully

By Tal  |  2017-08-21  |   | 104 views

Tiling over your existing tiles can save you money and time but not all tiled surfaces are suitable for this type of installation. What are the most important factors to consider when completing a successful tile-on-tile application? We offer some tips on how to get it right. [...]


Reasons to install an underlayment

By Tal  |  2017-07-25  |   | 95 views

Underlayments are an important aspect of a flooring project, in both residential and commercial settings, where a level and smooth surface is required before installation of the final floor covering. The type of underlayment needed will depend on what kind of flooring will be installed on top of it. Other considerations include the size of the area, its purpose, and how much foot traffic it will see. [...]


When to use a self-levelling underlayment

By Tal  |  2017-07-25  |   | 122 views

Self-levelling and smoothing underlayment compounds, such as TAL Screedmaster and TAL Superscreed SL, are ideal for levelling subfloors in installation areas such as hospitals, clinics and schools, where ‘soft’ (resilient) floor coverings are going to be installed as the final floor finish. These types of floor coverings require a perfectly smooth and level surface, as any surface imperfections in the floor will not only detract from the aesthetic appearance, but can also affect the longevity of the floor covering installation. [...]