epoxy resin flooring
Industrial Flooring

Key consideration for installation of an epoxy flooring system

By Tal  |  2019-06-14  |   | 123 views

Epoxy flooring systems are well suited to most industrial applications, particularly where hygiene, chemical and/or abrasion resistance is important. However, there are several key factors to consider, to ensure a successful project. [...]


Why you need to waterproof a tiled shower

By Tal  |  2019-05-22  |   | 171 views

When contemplating a renovation of your bathroom that includes installing a shower cubicle or above-bath shower, it is important to waterproof this ‘wet’ area before tiling. [...]

what you need for replacing cracked tiles

Checklist for replacing cracked or broken tiles in your home

By Tal  |  2019-04-02  |   | 151 views

Avoid those last-minute runs to the hardware store by making sure that you have everything you need before you begin. Here is the list of tools, products and protective equipment that you’ll need to complete each step in this project. [...]