Budget planning for DIY tiling

By Tal  |  2018-05-23  |   | 39 views

Tiling your home is a big decision and costs are always a concern. Planning is key in order to get the result that you want and keep to your budget, whether on a DIY project, or if you hire a tiler. If you have decided to tile your home, you will need to make provision for the following items to complete your DIY tiling installation successfully: [...]


Tips for tiling around a fire pit

By Tal  |  2017-12-22  |   | 570 views

There are a number of tile choices for creating a timeless outdoor entertainment area. Natural stone tiles are all unique in appearance and will provide you with a one-of-a-kind floor and wall area thanks to the distinctive colours, patterns and character of the tiles [...]


The Basic DIY Tilers Tool Kit

By Tal  |  2017-12-13  |   | 308 views

If you are planning to tackle a home improvement project, you donít necessarily want to spend a lot of money on a set of tools that you donít use regularly. TAL offers a range of DIY tools that are ideal for repairs, or smaller home improvement projects, making tiling easier and more cost effective for you. [...]