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Industrial Flooring

Key consideration for installation of an epoxy flooring system

By Tal  |  2019-06-14  |   | 7316 views

Epoxy flooring systems are well suited to most industrial applications, particularly where hygiene, chemical and/or abrasion resistance is important. However, there are several key factors to consider, to ensure a successful project. [...]

Industrial Flooring

Performance analysis of epoxy vs. polyurethane flooring systems

By Tal  |  2019-03-05  |   | 5404 views

Resin-based flooring systems, both epoxy and polyurethane (PU), are the two most common systems used for industrial flooring installations. These are available in thin-build coatings as well as thicker screed types, with gloss, matt or slip-resistant finishes. Self-levelling and smoothing options are also available in certain of the products. [...]

TAL tiling kitchen splashback

Can’t upgrade your kitchen? Get a splashback!

By Tal  |  2017-07-05  |   | 5260 views

Looking for a cost-effective way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen? A kitchen splashback is a great alternative to fully upgrading your kitchen. And the best part? You can do it yourself! Popular tiling choices for kitchen splashbacks include glass, stone, and of course, mosaic tiles. These tiles are a beautiful way to enhance the look of any room, because they can be installed over both large and small areas, or as feature panels between other tiles. [...]

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TAL attends largest global tiling, sanitaryware fair in Italy

By Tal  |  2016-11-01  |   | 5348 views

As part of its drive to introduce the latest international trends to the local market, leading construction and tile adhesive specialist TAL attended Cersaie 2016 in Bologna, Italy from 25 to 29 September. [...]

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Tips for exterior wall & floor tiling

By Tal  |  2016-06-01  |   | 6072 views

It must be noted that external tiling installations – floor tiling or wall cladding – requires a far stronger and more flexible adhesive system. All external installations will be exposed to building movement, thermal expansion and contraction, [...]

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The 101 on wood-look tiles

By Tal  |  2016-02-19  |   | 10040 views

Wooden floors have been around for centuries and are now more popular than ever. With advancements in digital inkjet technology in tile manufacturing, the ever-popular look of wooden floor-ing is being recreated using porcelain and ceramic tiles. [...]

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Tips when installing wood-look tiles

By Tal  |  2016-02-19  |   | 16133 views

Installing wood-look tiles requires a bit of time and dedication, especially when the aim is to achieve natural wooden flooring patterns. Wood-look tiles with different shades per tile or box should be laid randomly, not according to the colours. [...]

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Top tile trends from Cersaie 2015

By Tal  |  2015-12-04  |   | 4431 views

We look at the biggest trends to come out Cersaie 2015. Architizer notes that if one had to sum up the majority of the tile trends observed at Cersaie 2015 in just a few words, it would be ‘what is old is new, again’ with ‘new twists’ as a close second. [...]

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Putting our money where our mouth is

By Tal  |  2015-07-31  |   | 8099 views

In a professional work environment, protecting floors from everyday damage is of extreme importance as damaged floors can cause health and safety issues. [...]

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TAL reports on Cersaie 2014

By Tal  |  2014-11-12  |   | 2906 views

Local tile and building solutions manufacturer TAL attended Cersaie 2014 and the fair highlighted that wood-look tiles are still very much in fashion and that tiles are still increasing in size. [...]

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TAL supplies polyurethane flooring solution for Spar

By Tal  |  2014-08-13  |   | 8126 views

TAL recently supplied TAL X-Calibur X-Tech Urafloor HT, a heavy duty, hygienic, polyurethane flooring solution for the Super Spar extension in Avonmore, Durban. [...]

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TAL X-Calibur introduces new decorative screeding system for residential applications

By Tal  |  2014-07-09  |   | 8653 views

TAL X-Calibur developed a new decorative screed that was recently used as a final floor solution in a residential home in Copperleaf Estate, Benoni. [...]

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TAL X-Calibur introduces a new, rapid-setting, decorative screed

By Tal  |  2014-06-11  |   | 4585 views

Polished, decorative and seamless concrete floor solutions are in high demand. We introduce a newly developed industrial grade, rapid-setting and self-smoothing decorative screed called X-Tech StoneFlow [...]

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How to prepare a subfloor for laminate flooring

By Tal  |  2014-02-13  |   | 5170 views

Laminate flooring is easy to install yourself, but requires a level subfloor that is free of moisture. [...]