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4 Key considerations when specifying for a tile over tile installation

By Tal  |  2019-01-17  |   | 86 views

Keeping the doors open during renovations is key for any business, especially for retail and commercial spaces that donít have an annual shutdown during which to affect the change. Thatís why tiling over existing tiles makes good financial sense, as trading can continue during the project. The main benefits include less mess and noise from chipping up the old tiles, reduced costs associated with removal of the existing flooring, and the project is faster overall. However, when specifying for a tile over tile installation, there are some key considerations to ensure a successful project. [...]

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Top 6 considerations before hiring a tiling contractor

By Tal  |  2019-01-15  |   | 88 views

The cost of correcting a poor tiling installation is considerable, so before hiring a tiling contractor, itís advisable to do some homework to make sure you have the right partner. [...]

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Primers & Additives

Priming for a tile over tile installation

By Tal  |  2018-12-14  |   | 84 views

The key to a successful tile over tile installation lies in the priming system. As with any tiling project, a correctly prepared surface increases the bond of the adhesive to the surface. See our step-by-step guide on how to prime an existing tiled surface for a tile over tile application. [...]