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3 key consideration when planning a home installation of vinyl flooring

By Tal  |  2018-11-27  |   | 53 views

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice of floor covering for commercial spaces such as hospitals, schools and universities but more recently, luxury vinyl tiles have also enjoyed a revival for use in home décor. It must be noted that a DIY installation of vinyl flooring requires the skills of an experienced DIYer, when in doubt, consult a trained flooring installation professional. [...]

blue mosaic tiled wall
Tile Grout

Fit for Purpose: Cementitious versus Epoxy adhesives for mosaic tiles

By Tal  |  2018-09-27  |   | 123 views

Mosaic tiles remain a popular choice for commercial and domestic applications, with glass tiles enjoying particular favour. Consideration of the service area will determine the choice of adhesive, either cementitious or epoxy-based, as fit for purpose. [...]

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Bespoke fixing solution created by TAL for the Ndzundza/Nzunza portrait

By Tal  |  2018-08-27  |   | 209 views

TAL is proud to have supplied a bespoke fixing solution for the Ndzundza/ Nzunza Portrait, a larger than life art installation on the west wall of City Property’s North City House in Braamfontein, now renamed Nzunza House. Working closely with artist, Hannelie Coetzee, a bespoke fixing solution was developed exclusively for this installation which was officially unveiled on Women’s Day, 9th August 2018. [...]