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Fast track solution for KZN COVID19 wards

By Tal  |  2020-10-26  |   | views

Working closely with the Department of Health in Kwa-Zulu Natal, TAL has helped fast track an overhaul of the healthcare facilities at Clairwood Hospital in Mobeni, Durban. Originally converted from army barracks into a hospital in 1956, Clairwood Hospital required significant renovations in order to transform it into a functional modern space that is a key addition to the province's quarantine and isolation centres. [...]

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Multi-level installation system for perfect LVT installations

By Tal  |  2020-10-26  |   | views

A beautiful floor plays a large part in creating a cohesive, well designed space, but the look and performance of a floor covering is largely dependent on what lies below. When specifying vinyl sheeting, LVTs or PVC-backed vinyl tiles, the multi-level installation system is critical to ensure the desired end-result. We believe that careful attention must therefore be paid to the correct combination of products, to ensure a successful and long-lasting installation. [...]


The value of a vapour barrier when installing floor coverings

By Tal  |  2020-09-11  |   | 5527 views

Spring is something special in South Africa as we take a collective breath of fresh air and look forward to the return of warmer weather. It also means that we need to start thinking about how to manage the risk of rising moisture levels in substrates with the return of summer rains across most of the country. [...]